3 Exciting Lunchtime Alternatives

Bored of your usual lunches? Why not try these three totally tasty lunches with a savoury Jacob’s twist! After all, January is the month to try new things!

Crispbread-croutonIt’s Crunch Time
Add that much needed texture and bite to your lunchtime salad, by including some distinctively crunchy Crispbreads. Topped, dipped or snapped, our Crispbreads are a versatile bunch! Simply break them into little pieces and sprinkle them over your salad as croutons. So quick and easy to do, we recommend trying our Crispbread croutons with a beetroot and feta salad, drizzled with balsamic vinegar – delicious!

Nacho Usual Lunch
This exciting combo sees our rustic Mediterraneo Tapas Crackers get a Mexican makeover! Not only do our Mediterraneo Tapas Crackers taste great, but did you know that they can be used as a healthier alternative to tortilla chips? Layer our Tapas Crackers with your favourite cheese, salsa and jalapenos, and watch as you become the most popular person in your office at lunchtime!

Cluck, TUC Chicken 
Crispy, buttery and bursting with flavour, this TUC chicken requires little-to-no prep time and is seriously scrumptious. The interesting combination of our TUC crackers and chicken creates a wonderfully crispy outside and a tender inside – exactly what a chicken dish should be!  Simply dip a chicken fillet into a mixture of egg and butter and then coat it with some of the TUC crumbs. Pop it into the oven to bake, and there you have it!

Our top tip: why not coat your chicken breast with our TUC Paprika range for that extra spice and flavour kick!

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