The Original, the best since 1851

We’re proud to say we’ve been in Irish homes for over 150 years since our founders William and Robert Jacob fulfilled the wishes of biscuit lovers everywhere. Now our biscuits are in the kitchen presses, tins and jars of more Irish households than anyone else – not a bad feat for two guys from Waterford!

So grab your Jacob’s favourites and reminisce fondly, as we reel back the years and take you on a scrumptious journey of our biscuits throughout the ages!

Club Milk

Oh how the times have changed! We’ve seen the wrapper and theme song transform over the years but you know what they say, the best things always stay the same.

So whether you’re a nibbler or muncher, a dipper or a cruncher, if you’re gonna have a cuppa have a Club!

Fig Rolls

Was it the aliens from Planet Fig or little, tiny microscopic elves? One of life’s nicer mysteries, there’s just one question on the minds of Jacob’s biscuit lovers!

Just how do we get the figs into the Fig Rolls?


From the weird and wonderful world of Jacob’s, to the grooviest jam around, this trio of biscuits has been a firm favourite in Irish homes for decades.

One thing’s for sure; Kimberley, Mikado and Coconut Cream, someone you love will love some, mum!

Chocolate collection

When the biscuit baker met the chocolate  maker it was a match made in Jacob’s heaven. A biscuit baked by Jacob’s is a biscuit baked just right.

Baked with only the finest ingredients and loving care, that’s why we take the biscuit, for the biscuits made to share.