6 easy ways to improve your lunch time routine

With a recipe to suit all tastes and preferences, here are six totally tasty ways to turn our versatile Crispbreads into a delicious, fulfilling lunch. All it takes is three everyday ingredients!

Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon & Dill
This irresistibly tasty combo is a definite lunch time favourite. Start with a generous dollop of cream cheese, before adding some slices of smoked salmon and finishing by garnishing some dill on top. Yum!

Hummus, Cucumber & Tomato
Spread a generous layer of your favourite humus on the Crispbread, before adding some slices of cucumber on top and some chopped tomato for a lovely complimentary taste. Better yet, this goes perfectly with our Crispbread Sesame Crackers. Distinctively crunchy and effortlessly tasty if we do say so ourselves!

CrispBreads-1280x818Avocado, Cream Cheese & Cracked Black Pepper

For a truly colourful and mouth-watering lunch, why not try our Crispbreads topped with avocado, cream cheese and cracked black pepper. To start, add a hearty layer of cream cheese, before adding some slices of chopped avocado. To finish, sprinkle some cracked black pepper on top for a subtle flavour kick – delicious!

Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil
A fresh, simple and utterly satisfying lunch, this combination is the ultimate lunch time classic. To start, load your Crispbread with thin slices of juicy, ripe tomato before adding some creamy mozzarella and garnishing with some sprigs of fresh basil. For that extra burst of flavour, you can drizzle some olive oil or balsamic vinegar on top.

Banana, Peanut Butter & Honey
For something a bit sweeter, you should try this wholesome and healthy snack. Just spread a layer of crunchy peanut butter on to the Crispbread before layering some sliced banana on top. To finish, drizzle a generous amount of honey across the Crispbread. Nutritious, delicious and seriously fulfilling, this versatile snack is also the perfect breakfast alternative to kick start your day!

Strawberries, Cream Cheese & Cinnamon
Another fruity recipe, but with a tasty twist, this is the perfect light summer snack. To start, spread a generous dollop of cream cheese on to the Crispbread, before layering sliced strawberries on top. To finish, sprinkle a tea spoon of cinnamon on top to provide an extra kick of flavour to compliment those fruity tastes.

So there you have it! Quick, effortless and seriously flavoursome, these six Crispbread recipes should help make your lunch time routine a bit more interesting!

What are your favourite toppings to add to our distinctively crunchy Crispbreads?

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