Add Crunch to Your Snack Time

We can often get tired of the same snacking and that goes for our taste buds too. Jacob’s new Crisp Bakes are the light and crispy way to add more crunch to your snack time. Here is some inspiration to start you off.Crisp Bakes

Pesto, Mozzarella and Cherry Tomato
For a delicious combination of fresh flavours, try this tasty versatile snack. Start with our original Jacob’s Crisp Bakes and spread with a helping of pesto for the base. Next add a slice of Mozzarella and finish with sliced cherry tomatoes on top. Guaranteed to be a snack time favourite!

Salami, Brie and Avocado
When you are looking for a boost at any time of the day, this combination of toppings is the kick start you need. Begin with spreading a layer of irresistible brie cheese onto our Jacob’s Crisp Bakes with Whole-wheat. Follow with some flavourful salami. For the top layer, add thinly sliced avocado. Simply Scrumptious!

Almond Butter, Sliced Banana and Shaved Almonds
Our Jacob’s Crisp Bakes with Whole-wheat are the hearty option for an evening snack. Begin by spreading a layer of almond butter to cover the Crisp Bakes. Then add some sliced bananas to your next layer. To finish sprinkle the serving with shaved almonds. The Perfect hunger-fill snack!

Goats Cheese, Honey and Blueberries
To inject some sweetness into your day, try this tasty combination of sweet & savoury. Pairing with Jacob’s Crisp Bakes, add a slice of goat’s cheese. To add texture to the top, add some sweet blueberries. To finish, drizzle the honey on top – the ideal snack for any sweet tooth!

See how easy it is to create the perfect snackable moments with our Crisp Bakes?

Which toppings will you choose to make it yours?
Crisp Bakes

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