Match the Jacob’s Biscuit to its Retro Ad

Over the years we have had many iconic ads and only a true biscuit fan will know them all! Put your knowledge to test and find out how much you really know about Jacob’s Biscuits! Simply match the biscuit to the ad.


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Can You Match the Jacob’s Biscuit to their Retro Ad?
You're a Biscuit Genius! Bet you even know how Jacob's get the figs into the Fig Rolls!

You're a biscuit Fan! Looks like you know your Kimberleys from your Mikados!

Get crackin' on your biscuit knowledge and you'll be in the Biscuit Club in no time!

Oh no, that takes the biscuit! Looks like you're in need of a biscuit break!

Want to see the full ads? You can take a trip down memory lane and view all our classics here!

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