A little bit of luxury

No matter if it’s a get together with friends, or a much needed break after a long day’s work, our Elite range is jam packed with luscious delights, perfect for any occasion.

tea_2Recommended by Jacob’s fans, you can rest assured that these divine Elite Kimberley serving suggestions have been rigorously tried and tested by Jacob’s lovers everywhere!

Our hot chocolate classic
For a truly choctastic taste, pop the kettle on, put your feet up and try our delicious Elite Kimberley hot chocolate! Pour yourself a mug of the hot stuff, pull apart an Elite Kimberley, scoop out the mallow centre and gently stir it into the hot chocolate. For an extra slice of tastiness, crumble the Kimberley biscuit and sprinkle on top.

A taste of luxury with every sip, the ginger flavours of the soft, Kimberly biscuit give the drink a slight, spiced kick – perfect for those chilly, autumn evenings!

Our ice cream combo
Wake up your taste buds with a truly tantalising experience by serving our Elite Kimberley with your favourite ice cream. For the perfect combination, remove the Elite Kimberly from its wrapper and heat in the microwave for approximately 20 seconds, before placing in a bowl alongside your favourite flavoured ice cream.

This hot n’ cold combo is seriously scrumptious! Just watch as the milk chocolate coating and soft mallow centre of the Elite Kimberley begins to melt and oozes into the cool ice cream – that’s some tasty artistry in motion if you ask us!

Our mallow madness skewers
For a tasty treat that can be picked up and shared, why not try our Elite Kimberley skewers? To make, just cut an Elite Kimberley into quarters and place each part on to a skewer between some marshmallows. These perfect little nibbles will look nearly as good as they taste!

Our top tip: Why not get creative and add your favourite fruit to the skewers too. We tried ours with some strawberry and grapes – utterly delicious!

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