Festival essentials

So you’ve gathered your friends together, you’ve bought a tent and you’re ready to embrace the potential mucky life for the next few days. However, preparing for a festival is no easy feat. To make things that little bit easier, we give you our tips to ensure that the only thing you need to worry about is which band clashes effect your weekend.

Keeping clean
Firstly, baby wipes. They will be your saviour in all your festival needs. When the queue for the showers is an hour long and the facilities have seen better days, a baby wipe can do wonders to freshen both you and your belongings up.

Plus, don’t forget other personal hygiene items such as deodorant and a toothbrush. A flower crown is all well and good, but it can’t keep you smelling fresh, can it?

FestivalStay in touch
So you’re in the middle of a crowd, dancing away and just as your favourite song comes on you realise your friends are nowhere to be seen. Better yet, your phone is out of battery so you can’t even contact them – what do you do?

Avoid an awkward case of hide and seek by writing down the phone numbers of all your friends at the festival and keep it in your pocket at all times. This way, you can simply borrow someone’s phone to call them.

Alternatively, arrange to meet your friends in a particular place if any of you become separated from the main group. A designated meeting spot will give you all peace of mind – just make sure to remember where it is!

An absolute given for any Irish festival. The more colourful the better – need we say more?

Avoid the burn
Let’s be honest, Ireland does not look like the sunny shores of Spain. However, on the rare occurrence when the Irish sun decides to rear its head, it can be mighty fierce.

So whether the forecast is jam packed with clear skies and even when it’s not (you just never know!) pack your sun cream and sunglasses! Besides, even if the sun doesn’t shine, your shades will have you looking festival fabulous.

Bin it
Believe us when we say that bin bags are one of the most useful items you can have at a festival.

Separate all your dirty, wet and muddy clothes from your dry ones by stuffing them into a bin bag.

Plus, if your tent starts leaking, you can stick a black bin bag to the top to catch all the rain!

Shine a light
If, like us, you’re afraid of the dark, an absolute must-have is a torch for when the sun goes down.

There’s nothing worse after a long night of dancing to have to stroll aimlessly through the campsite searching for your tent.

Plus, no one wants to try navigate the minefield of tent strings at half 3 in the morning with no light. Trust us, it’s a treacherous task!

Banish that hunger
Tent? Check. Sleeping bag? Check. Your favourite Jacob’s biscuits? Essential!

Make sure to keep that hunger at bay with a packet of our delicious Fig Rolls baked to perfection. Besides, dancing to your favourite bands can really work up quite an appetite!

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