Kris Kimberley Reindeer Pops

What’s the best present you can get your Kris Kindle this year? A festive carton of totally tasty Kris Kimberley of course! Better yet, why not give this Jacob’s classic a festive makeover and try create these Kris Kimberley Reindeer Pops? Quick, easy and utterly delicious, they’re the perfect nibble to share with loved ones over the Christmas season! reindeer

– Kris Kimberley
– Milk chocolate
– White icing
– Red sweets
– Mini pretzels

You’ll need
– Drinking straws
– Cocktail sticks
– Bowl

Here’s how
– Cut a drinking straw in half and push it through a Kris Kimberley biscuit.
– Melt some milk chocolate squares in the microwave before pouring the chocolate over the ‘Pop’.
– While the chocolate is still wet, snap a mini pretzel in half and attach each half on either side of the biscuit to act as antlers! Use extra chocolate if necessary to help them stick.
– Carefully attach two blobs of white icing to make eyes, before dotting the centre of the eyes with some chocolate to create the pupil.
– Not forgetting Rudolph’s nose! Place a bright, red sweet on to the middle of the ‘Pop’, using some of the melted chocolate as a glue.
– To finish, place the Reindeer Pops into the fridge and leave to set overnight – let’s see if those hungry hands can dare wait that long though!
Our top tip: Use chocolate spread instead of melted chocolate if you don’t have a hob or microwave nearby, it works a treat.


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