Our favourite toast-tastic lunches

Jacob’s Crisp Toasts are the latest member of the Jacob’s Crisp range!

So, what are they? Golden-baked toasts with a deliciously light, crispy texture. Individual snack packs of 5 crackers, with only 81 calories per pack, makes them ideal to pack for your lunch. Perfect for dipping into your favourite hummus, topping with your favourite ingredients or crunching up into your salad or soup.

Jacob’s Crisp Toasts are so versatile they suit any taste or occasion. Why not give them a try and see how you can make it yours? Here are our 3 favourites to give you some inspiration!

For that something sweet…
Peanut Butter, Apple Slices, Cinnamon
Start with an even layer of Kelkin’s crunchy 100% Peanut Butter on your Jacob’s Crisp Toast then add some sliced apple and finish with a sprinkling of cinnamon. This combination will be sure to please a sweet tooth!

For that something healthier…
Smashed Avocado, Chilli Flakes and Crumbled Feta
Combine one avocado, a clove of garlic, a squeeze of lemon and a pinch salt and pepper in a bowl. Using a fork, mash the avocado mixture while keeping the texture slightly chunky. Spread this onto your Crisp Toast and add some crumbled feta. Finish by garnishing with some chilli flakes – delish!

For that something comforting…
Red Cheddar, Bacon and Relish
Top your Jacob’s Crisp Toasts with thick slices of red cheddar followed by a crispy bacon rasher and a generous dollop of your favourite relish. Classic comfort food with a Jacob’s twist!

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