Our favourite autumn hunger busters

Can you believe that it’s the start of September already? Where did the time go?! With the start of the new month, comes a new season, fresh starts and the return of some long forgotten routines!
banana and honey (1)
So as the days get shorter and the nights become that tad bit colder (or a lot!), we’ve decided to whip up our favourite autumn hunger busters. Life can get busy, but that doesn’t mean you have to go hungry!

The early riser

Let’s be honest, it can be hard enough to get ourselves out of bed in the morning and ready for the day ahead – let alone remembering to prepare breakfast! Kick start your day the right way and try our Rice Cakes with some crunchy peanut butter, banana and honey.

Just spread a generous layer of peanut butter across one of our Rice Cakes, before adding some slices of chopped banana. To finish, slowly drizzle some honey on top. Our Rice Cakes range also has as little as 18 calories – it’s the perfect guilt free breakfast bonanza!

The timeless toastie
For those busy bees and people on the go, it can be hard to be truly satisfied with your lunch time routine. So as the days get colder and the mandatory midday slump comes about, why not try our Mediterraneo version of a ham and cheese toastie? After all, nothing gives us that cosy feeling more than a warm toastie!

Just load our Mediterraneo crackers with some think chunks of mature cheddar cheese, alongside some slices of crumbed ham and pop it into the microwave for 20 seconds – it really is that simple! Delicious, easy and seriously satisfying – say goodbye to that midday slump!

The crunchy classic
As the autumn cold begins to rear its head, sometimes all we want to do is sit in, pop the heating on and put our feet up! For a versatile and utterly tasty snack that is sure to warm your stomach, why not make some vegetable soup? Mix and match your favourite vegetables to create some delicious combinations and flavours.

Our top tip: Pair your soup with our distinctively crunchy Crispbreads. Either break the Crispbreads up into little pieces and place them in the soup as croutons, or just dive right in – either way, it’s bursting at the seams with crispy deliciousness!

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