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Cream Crackers

Jam or butter? Cheese or ham? Baked with only the finest ingredients and freshly packed for crispy goodness, this firm favourite can be enjoyed with any toppings of your choosing.

Cream Crackers Light

Looking for a lighter option, but don’t want to compromise on flavour? Then these crackers are for you! What toppings will you have with yours?

Snap Wheat Crackers

Baked to perfection and full to brim with wheat bran goodness, these crackers conveniently snap in two – a delicious choice for any lunch time snack!

Cream Crackers Snack Packs

Freshly packed in handy individual snack packs, these deliciously crispy crackers are the perfect partner to your favourite toppings.

TUC Original

For a solo snack or the perfect companion during a catch up with friends, why not try our tasty TUC Original. It’s the perfect accessory to any number of dips and sauces!

TUC Sour Cream & Onion

Munch through a packet of this tasty TUC with a tempting twist. Packed with delicious sour cream and onion flavours, you can’t help but TUC in!

TUC Sweet Chilli

Things are hotting up! Top, dip or eat straight from the pack. TUC Sweet Chilli is the perfect crowd-pleaser for the whole family. Be careful though they won’t last long!

Tuc Bacon

Tuc in to a tasty flavour experience. The perfect snack to share, or keep to yourself. You can dip them, dunk them, bite them or crunch them! Delicious, but be warned, you can’t stop at just one!

TUC Snack Pack

Enjoy our totally tasty TUC Originals wrapped in handy individual snack packs. Perfect for people on-the-go, or for those who just can’t stand sharing their TUC!

Mediterraneo Tapas Crackers Sea Salted

Bite into these deliciously crisp Sea Salted crackers & transport your taste buds to the Mediterranean sea side. They are the perfect canvas for any topping!

Mediterraneo Tapas Crackers Oregano & Feta Cheese

The perfect balance of oregano, feta, and sesame seeds give these delicious crackers a magic Mediterranean kick. Why not try yours with some smoked salmon and dill – delicious!

Mediterraneo Tapas Crackers Tomato & Basil

Wonderfully light and simply divine, tomato and basil bring a rustic feel to this satisfying snack. Perfect for a night in with a glass of something (or someone!) special.

Mediterraneo Lightly Salted

Snack packs of thin, crispy crackers lightly sprinkled with sea salt for a distinctive sun-soaked flavour. Open a packet and be transported to another land!

Mediterraneo Olive Oil

Truly tasty crackers slowly baked in olive oil to really bring out those Mediterranean flavours. Get creative with your cracker and top it with all of your favourite ingredients!

Mediterraneo Tomato & Basil

Bursting with delicious tomato and basil flavours, these wonderfully light crackers go perfectly with your favourite toppings and make for a truly satisfying savoury snack.

Rice Cakes Milk Chocolate

Our Rice Cakes topped with a layer of milk chocolate are the perfect combination of sweet and savoury. At only 69 calories each, guilt-free snacks really do exist!

Rice Cakes Dark Chocolate

Wrapped in foil for extra freshness, why not try our Rice Cakes smothered in undeniably delicious dark chocolate – go on, indulge!

Rice Cakes Yogurt

We’ve added some tantalising natural yogurt to our Rice Cakes to make them extra tasty – I know, we didn’t think it was possible either!

Rice Cakes Natural

Our 100% wholegrain Rice Cakes are gluten free and contain no added colours or preservatives, leaving you to enjoy this satisfying snack with your favourite toppings completely guilt free!

Multigrain & Seeds Rice Cakes

It’s our famous Rice Cakes with some added crunch. A versatile snack, bursting with multigrain and seeds, enjoy with your favourite toppings for a truly tasty bite.

Rice Cakes Lightly Salted

We combined our Rice Cakes with a pinch of salt to create yet another versatile snack, ready to be loaded with your favourite tasty toppings.

Corn Cakes

Made from 100% corn, our delicious Corn Cakes are full of the good stuff! Try them with some peanut butter or guacamole!

Sesame CrispToasts

Bursting with toasted goodness and perfect for dipping and topping, these crispy bases are the ideal canvas for your next tasty creation!

Multigrain CrispToasts

Deliciously light and distinctively crunchy, our Crisp Toasts are the ideal lunchtime base to mix and match your favourite toppings with.