Terrify Your Tastebuds

It’s that time of year again! Pick out your best costume, get creative with those pumpkins and scare unsuspecting Halloween party goers with some seriously spooky Halloween snacks.

So let your creative juices run free and create these scrumptious treats that are sure to terrify your taste buds!

Dreaded Dracula Teeth
For the perfect snack that is oozing with tastiness, why not try some ‘Dreaded Dracula Teeth’? Don’t worry, they may look terrifying, but they’re seriously yummy too!

– To start, just cut or break some Digestives in half.
– Cover the back of each half with a generous layer of jam.
– Place six small marshmallows around the edge of one half of the Digestive to ensure they form a curved shape.
– Once done, place the other half of the Digestive on top of the marshmallow teeth.
– Finally, insert two chunks of white chocolate in between the teeth for fangs.

Quick and easy to create, this tasty treat is something you will definitely want to “sink” your teeth into!

Scrumptious Spiders
Looking for a simple Halloween treat that is perfect for parties and lunchboxes alike? Well then these versatile J-O’s spiders are for you!

– To make, simply twist open the J-O’s, before dropping some melted chocolate on top of the vanilla centre to act as a glue.
– Add 4 black liquorice strands on either side of the J-O’s to form legs.
– Place the other half of the J-O’s on top of the vanilla centre.
– Drop a dollop of melted chocolate on either side of the J-O’s, then add the white chocolate buttons on top to form eyes.
– To finish, place a small, round sweet on each button to make the pupil of the eye, using the melted chocolate again as a glue.

Now just sit back and watch as hungry hands get stuck in to these scrumptious spiders’ mouth-watering webs!

Coconut Screams
I don’t know about you, but I spy with my little eye something that will whip your taste buds into a frenzy! Straightforward and so fun to make, these ‘Coconut Screams’ eyeballs are the perfect Halloween nibble for any occasion.

– To make, carefully place a dollop of coloured icing onto the middle of the Coconut Cream.
– Drop a round, chocolate sweet on top of the icing and press firmly down to ensure it stays in place.
– Place some more icing around the edges of the chocolate sweet to form a circular border.
– To finish, place your Coconut Scream masterpieces into the fridge for approximately 20 minutes to allow the icing to set – yes, it really is that simple!

For all you Halloween lovers out there, why not make these yummy eyeballs look extra menacing by adding some veins in red icing for a lovely horror filled touch! Extra scary and extra tasty – what more could you want?

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