TUCtastic flavours

For a solo snack, a taste that the whole family will go crackers for, or the perfect partner when catching up with friends, our totally tasty TUC flavours range is a scrumptious snack for any occasion.
Try every type of tantalising TUC to thrill your tongue with tasty treats! Dipped, topped or devoured, there’s a flavour to suit everyone!

Now, only one question remains – can you wrap your mouth around these TUCtastic flavour combinations?

Too cool for your taste buds…
Love the cool flavours of our TUC Sour Cream & Onion crackers? Why don’t you turn the heat up and try them with this tempting, tantalising salsa! Jam packed with jalapeno spices and fruity flavours, it complements the distinct tang of our TUC Sour Cream & Onion perfectly.

Plus, it only takes five minutes to make, so it’s the perfect snack for those last minute gatherings and late night cravings! To make, just blitz together some tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and a dash of lime (yes, it really is that simple!) This flavour combo makes for some seriously savoury satisfaction – perfect for all the family!

Spice up your life
Think you can handle the heat of our TUC Paprika crackers? Well, why not spice up your day and try our TUC Paprika with the cool contrast of a dill and pickle dip? Bursting with fresh dill and tangy, tantalising pickle flavours, this creamy dip is a definite people pleaser!

A perfect partner to our TUC Paprika crackers, this cool dip is perfect for those quiet nights in watching your favourite films. Full of flavour and tempting tastes, this flavour combo packs a pretty peppery punch – just be prepared to fight for the last dip!

Bring me the bacon!
If you love TUC Bacon as much as we do, we’re sure you’ll love this belting bacony recipe! Why don’t you try our TUC Bacon crackers topped with mature cheddar cheese and jalapenos? They’re serious hot stuff!

If you think you’re brave enough and can handle the heat, try adding more than one jalapeno to the mix for a flavour combo that will blow your socks off! Bursting with delicious bacony flavour and a slight kick, these blissful bite-sized bakes will be a sure-fire hit at any occasion or get together!

Double trouble
Topped or topless, dipped or dry, our TUC Originals have always been a firm favourite amongst cracker lovers everywhere. Super-versatile (and not to mention totally tasty!) why not try our TUC Originals with a sweet and scrumptious apple and caramel topping?

Quick and so easy to make, this sweet and savoury combo is a delicious delight to surprise the kids with! Double the flavour, double the taste, it makes for a terrifically tantalising tasty treat – just watch as hungry hands make them disappear!

Sweet or Spicy? Why not have both!

This delicious cracker can be enjoyed for any eating occasion. The perfect snack to fuel your adventures or that moment of indulgence. Top, dip or eat straight from the pack, Tuc Sweet Chilli is the perfect crowd pleaser for all the family. Grab yours today you won’t be disappointed. 


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