What Do You Keep In Our Biscuit Tins?

No matter if it was a scramble to pick out your favourite biscuit, or an epic mission to grab some treats from the second layer before Mammy found out – there’s no doubt about it – our Jacob’s tins are renowned at Christmas time!

Yet when the treats have been devoured and shared with those you love most, that certainly doesn’t mean our famous tins can’t be jam packed with Jacob’s favourites all year long!

So, what can you keep in your empty biscuit tins? We asked some Jacob’s fans to find out!biscuit-tins

At Jacob’s, you make the memories, we just bake the biscuits. So why not use our biscuit tins as your very own memory box or time capsule?

After all the scrumptious snacks have disappeared, it seems our fans love to store photos, keepsakes and cherished possessions in their tins, as they reminisce fondly on memories gone by.

Yet for some, it seems our tins are the perfect holders for knick-knacks and all things D.I.Y. Shoe polish, screwdrivers, paints, sewing kits – you name it, our Elite Kimberley tins have stored it!

Whoever said it was difficult to find a needle in a haystack, clearly didn’t have an empty tin of USA to keep things safe in!

Speaking of safe, keep your toes safe from the minefield of figurines, toys and building blocks scattered around your house with the help of some Elite Mikado and Afternoon Tea! It seems that fans love to tidy away kid’s toys in our tins.

Finally, with the season that’s in it, here’s a smart festive tip, kindly offered by one helpful fan – it is the season of giving after all!

One easy trick is to use our empty biscuit tins as a holder for your Christmas lights. Not only can you store your lights without the fear of them breaking, but they also remain knot free too – you can thank us for a tangle free Christmas next year!


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