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Elite Special Moments Caramel Cream Wafers

With a light caramel cream filling, this wafer bar is the most special treat. It will have you reaching for more.

Elite Chocolate Goldgrain

A delightful Goldgrain biscuit coated in heavenly chocolate . Your cuppa’s new companion.

Elite Chocolate Lincoln

A scrumptious shortcake biscuit smothered in exquisite chocolate. The only choice now is will you dip it or dunk it in your cuppa?

Elite Chocolate Polo

Golden Coconut Biscuits covered in delicious indulgent chocolate. The perfect biscuit with a cuppa, or while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.

Club Milk Mint

Have you tried Club Milk Mint yet? Deliciously smooth, fresh minty cream sandwiched between crunchy biscuits and covered in tasty milk chocolate. It’s pure enjoy-MINT!

Club Milk Dark

Our classic Club Milk is now available is smooth dark chocolate. Do you have a dark side?

Orange Club Milk

Have you heard the news? We have just added Orange to the Club Milk range.

Elite Special Chocolate Biscuit Bars

Delicious chocolate sandwich biscuit with smooth chocolate filling and smothered in rich thick milk chocolate

Elite Special Moment Salted Caramel Biscuit Bars

New Delicious chocolate sandwich biscuit filled with smooth cream salted caramel.

Elite Caramel Mikado

The sweet caramel centre combined with the delicious marshmallow and chocolate makes these biscuits the perfect tin of yummy festive treats.

Elite Caramel Mikado

Delicious marshmallow oozing with soft caramel covered in chocolate. Stick on the kettle and enjoy this sweet treat with a cuppa.

Elite Special Moments Chocolate Cream Wafers

With a chocolate creamy filling this cream wafer bar is the ultimate sweet treat. Sit back, relax and savour the moment with a nice cuppa.

Chewy Caramel Club Chunky

Did somebody say CARAMEL! Will you nibble or chomp our chewy caramel Club Chunky? Either way, it’s the perfect addition to our Club.

Elite Special Moments Hazelnut Cream Wafers

With a smooth hazelnut filling this cream wafer bar oozes decadence. It is the perfect accompaniment to sweeten those special moments throughout your day. Whether that’s taking time to read a book, call a friend or just sitting back with […]

Milk Chocolate Club Chunky

Meet the newest member of our Club! Delicious wafers filled with milk chocolate. Made for those who want a chunkier chocolate fix.

Elite Special Moments Chocolate & Nut Brownie

Your favourite dessert and biscuit in one! You don’t need an excuse to indulge in this deliciously coated biscuit with a chocolate and nut brownie filling.

Elite Special Moments Peanut Butter

The decadent smooth filling of peanut butter goes perfectly with the delicious chocolate covered biscuit. One thing is for certain – these won’t be long getting devoured!

Elite Special Moments Salted Caramel

This chocolate coated biscuit is the perfect combination of sweet and salty containing a delicious layer of salted caramel in the centre. The ultimate sweet treat to enjoy with a cuppa.

Caffè Di Milano Double Chocolate Wafer Rolls

Delicately bite the chocolate coating, before devouring the wafer inside – these little rolls of luxury are perfect for sharing over a coffee and chats with friends.

Caffè Di Milano Chocolate Caramel Wafer Rolls

Light and luscious wafer rolls, lovingly coated in milk chocolate – snap in half to reveal a scrumptious caramel surprise!

Chocolate Collection

A delicious selection of milk, dark and white chocolate coated biscuits, makes this luxurious carton the perfect Christmas treat. So whether you prefer to snap, savour, stir or tear, this festive favourite is certainly one to share!

Kris Kimberley

What’s the best present you can get your Kris Kindle this Christmas? A festive carton of totally tasty Kimberley biscuits of course! These bright cartons are perfect for sharing with the whole family!

Mistletoe Mikado

These mouth-watering Mistletoe Mikado cartons make for a lovely gift, suitable for all ages. What is the best way to enjoy Mikado? Let the discussions over Christmas dinner commence!

Afternoon Tea

Offering a wide mix of plain and chocolate coated biscuits, this tin of luxury is the essential Christmas classic – perfect to share with family and friends over a good brew or festive tipple!


A staple in Irish cupboards since 1918, this classic is so tasty, you can’t help but sneakily take your favourites from the second layer in the tin – just don’t tell the visitors!

Elite Chocolate Kimberley

Delicious Kimberley biscuits, lovingly covered in smooth milk chocolate. Perfect to share with all the family, will you twist the mallow centre or pull it apart?

Elite Tea Cake

The perfect tin to share with family and friends over the festive season. There is nothing better than an Elite Tea Cake with a cuppa!

Elite Chocolate Mikado

These deliciously crumbly Mikado biscuits smothered in heavenly milk chocolate make for the perfect treat to share with loved ones. Be quick though – they’ll be gone before you know it!

Elite Tea Cake

No matter if it’s a get together with friends, or a much needed break after work, make sure to include this luscious delight – it’s simply divine!

Elite Kimberley

Whether you lovingly eat the milk chocolate coating first, or bite right through to reveal the soft mallow centre, one thing is for certain – this is a sweet tooth’s dream!

Elite Chocolate Mikado

What’s better than a Mikado? A Mikado smothered in chocolate of course! Indulge in this sweet delight as you sit back, relax and enjoy a hot brew.

Elite Chocolate Dream

Enjoy this unique combination of sweet chocolate mallow, divine biscuit base, and heavenly milk chocolate – because everyone deserves some ‘me’ time!

Caffè Di Milano Hazelnut

Light wafer and hazelnut cream beautifully combine to create this Italian wonder, making it the perfect after dinner treat. Be careful though, you may need to hide the packet after you’ve tasted one!

Caffè Di Milano Vanilla

A taste of Italy with every bite, crispy Italian wafer biscuits combine beautifully with a generous layer of rich vanilla cream – the perfect companion to your favourite coffee.

Caffè Di Milano Chocolate

Snap, savour, swirl, and invite a little piece of Italy into your home with this tempting treat. With a delicious layer of chocolate cream sandwiched between lusciously light wafers, you can’t help but indulge!

Pink Wafers

A wonderfully light wafer with an undeniably tasty cream filling – a true Jacob’s classic!

Ice-cream Wafers

Chocolate or vanilla? Strawberry or mint? Whatever your preference, these wafers are the perfect partner to all your ice cream needs. All we need now is for the sun to come out!

Lemon Puff

Brighten up your day and munch through this lovely lemon cream filling, sandwiched between tasty puff pastry biscuits!

Digestive Creams

It’s our favourite digestive biscuit with a delicious surprise – a glorious butterscotch cream centre!

Raspberry & Custard Creams

Savour the flavour and enjoy the taste of these seriously scrumptious shortcake biscuits, bursting with a raspberry jam and custard filling.

Jaffa Cakes

A scrumptiously squidgy orange centre on a golden spongey base, smothered in glorious milk chocolate. Can’t decide if it’s a biscuit or a cake? Who cares when it tastes this good!

Rich Tea

Why not try our delicious Rich Tea biscuits – this ‘King of the Dunkers’ just loves to be buttered up!


Whether you prefer a diving dunk or devouring them in one, you can’t go wrong with this classic favourite!


A scrumptious shortcake biscuit baked to perfection, it’s the ideal partner to a nice, warm cuppa!


Traditional golden coconut biscuits, made with care for biscuit lovers everywhere to enjoy – will you savour it slowly, or make it disappear in a couple of munches?


To dip and dunk, or let the biscuit soak up your cuppa? No matter how you enjoy it, this classic is seriously yummy!

Ginger Nut

With a deliciously distinctive crunch and subtle spice from the ginger, we’ve no doubt that you’ll go nuts for our Ginger Nut biscuits!


Munch and crunch your way through a packet of our Goldgrain biscuits, full to the brim with tasty goodness – tea, anyone?

Chocolate Digestives

This tried and trusted favourite sees a wheat base deliciously layered in heavenly milk chocolate – go on, treat yourself!

Chocolate Polo

Golden coconut biscuits, smothered in rich milk chocolate. How will you eat yours? You decide!

Chocolate Goldgrain

Dip it, dunk it, or crunch it – it’s your choice! We just know you’re going to love this classic favourite coated in chocolate!


Whether you pull apart the ginger biscuit to reveal the soft centre, or squeeze the sugar sprinkled mallow until it oozes from the edges, one thing’s for certain – it’s simply scrumptious!


Delicious coconut covered marshmallow with a jam filled centre on a crumbly biscuit base. Now, are you a jam licker or mallow picker? That is the question!

Coconut Creams

Bursting with flavour, will you pull the coconut mallow off its wheat biscuit base, or devour it in one? Either way, your tummy will thank you!

Fig Rolls

Just how do we get the figs into the Fig Rolls? Sorry, we can’t tell you! But why not try them for yourself? You may just fig-ure it out!

Club Milk

Do you carefully nibble the chocolate away, exposing the crunchy sandwich biscuit, or just delve right in and chomp down on it? A delicious decision to make, if we do say so ourselves!